Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vintage Buffet in Interesting Aqua

It's been a busy week and I'm tired!
 I love this style of buffet.  This one was interesting because some of the drawer bottoms were made out of oak and some of them were made out mahogany.  Not sure what's up with that, unless someone completely rebuilt two of the drawers at some point.
It was in pretty rough shape.  Lots of dents and dings.  At one point my client had painted the top black and wasn't happy with it.  She decided she wanted it refinished dark and I thought that was a great choice. ;)
She chose Interesting Aqua from Sherwin Williams.  You know how I feel about these soft blue/greens.  LoVe them!  It always amazes me how paint colors can look so different depending on what light they're in.  I had to hold up the color card to the piece when I was finished with it to see if it really was the same color (and it was)!  It looks blue, soft turquoise, or a little gray depending on the light. 

I know you can't tell from the pic, but there were lots of "marks" on this buffet. 


It looks a little brighter in the pic than it really is. 

 The top was full of deep scratches.  Thankfully most of them sanded out.  When it was bare it looked pretty rough.  But, I love how the Java Gel (General Finishes) made the beautiful grain come back to life and deepened the color of the marks I couldn't get out.  It really is a pretty piece of wood still.

 Same as the last set, I used ProClassic modified latex.  You can see what a gorgeous finish it gives.  Would highly suggest for any first time paint DIY'ers as well!  It levels out nicely minimizing brush strokes.
 These are the only  mums I bought this year!  Can you believe that?!  What is wrong with me??

 I just love the contrast between a lighter color paint and a dark top.  The dark wood from the top and peeking through the paint really does something for the color.  Paint color can look flat if there's nothing contrasting it.  That's why I love leaving the top (or drawer fronts) natural if I can, or using white on the details.  
We kept the original hardware and I used my trusty Oil Rubbed Bronze on it.
Custom: Not For Sale


  1. Gorgeous! I never buy mums....what's wrong with ME???? Phil's off to buy me some java gel tomorrow so I can use it on the buffet. :P


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