Saturday, September 22, 2012

Burlap Wreath

I saw a super cute burlap wreath on the internet (I'll be darned if I can find it again!) and decided to make my own.   I thought it might be putzy and take forever like this wreath (you already know patience is not one of my virtues!), but it was really fast and easy.  Really! :)  

 I used a 10" wreath form because I wasn't sure how much burlap it would take and I didn't want to go too big.  I also used floral pins which I thought worked great.

 I've seen tutorials where they used yards of burlap but I picked up two rolls of burlap ribbon in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby instead.  It was 1/2 off and it was already 6 inches wide (saved me some cutting!).

Rolled it out against my yard stick and cut every 6".

 1.  fold in half to make a triangle.  2.  Fold in the top corner to meet the bottom on the front side.
3.  Fold the other top corner down on the back side.  4.  Put floral pin through bottom to hold corners.

You can "fluff" them a little a this point.

 Stick floral pin into wreath form.

 I alternated the "bubbles" so they weren't lined up.  

add your favorite embellishment 



It took me about 45 min to make.
Happy Fall!!  :)

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  1. Really cute wreath, love burlap for fall!
    Thanks for linking up.

  2. I've seen the mesh wreaths, but this is the first burlap one, and I adore it. Perfect for the fall! I'm pinning it!

    Bonny @

  3. Did you end up using both rolls of burlap? I want to make a burlap wreath like this and I have no idea how much burlap to buy. Do you remember how much was on each roll? Thanks!

  4. Your wreath has inspired me! Thank you for linking up at It's Fall Y'all Linky Party. Your wreath was one of my top 3 picks of the week! ~

  5. Love this wreath style but what did yo0u do to the sides of the form wreath? Did you do the same as the front?? Please let me know so I can finish my wreath inh time to hang for Easter!! Thanks

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