Monday, September 3, 2012

Antique Vanity w/ Polka Dots ;)

This cute little vanity had been sitting in a damp basement for a long time.  When it came to me the veneer was peeling off and the drawers were stuck tight (I mean tight!!).  I made a deal with my handyman to help me "unstick" the drawers (he ended up taking the bottom off and prying them out with a lever...nice) and I ended up having to peel about 3/4 of the veneer off.  That. Sucked. A. Lot.  Thankfully I had my handy iron (which is now the shop iron because I ruined it--oops) and wet dish towel to help me out, but, It. Still. Sucked....A.  Lot.  However, now that it's all done I love how it turned out, and I'm glad I didn't throw it in the dumpster behind the shop (which, at one point, I was ready to do.  It literally almost brought me to tears).  I won't be peeling veneer again anytime soon!

Here it is looking all innocent.   Yah right!


These are seriously the cutest knobs!  I love that when she gets a little older they can easily be replaced (same with the fabric on the stool).

Sweet little knob on the center drawer (yep, had to peel the veneer off that, too!).

Love the curve!

This grapevine detail is so cute--perfect for a little girl.

Were you expecting polka dots ON the vanity?  Sorry. ;)

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  1. This is just gorgeous!!! Beautiful makeover ( I ruined my Iron too the same way lol - nothing is safe in this house anymore )

    1. It started smelling funny so I looked at the bottom to see what the problem was--yah--crusty and brown is not good! :)


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