Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scalloped Antique Dresser

I picked this dresser up a while back.  I loved the shape of it, but it had its own issues.  ;)  I knew she could be a beauty though.  It's been sitting in my shop and I finally suggested it to my client who was looking for a dresser for her little girl.  

I ended up doing multiple coats of 3 different products on this dresser because it kept bleeding through--that's my worst pet peeve!  Another one that I had to walk away from for a little while. ;)



 I've been so lucky with all the beautiful wood I've been finding under ugly, old varnish!

 I normally don't distress this much so I was excited when she said that's what she wanted.  I love it---more my style. ;)

 Love these details on the corners.

 We kept the original knobs on the top  (which I think look great with the white) and swapped out the originals on the bottom drawers for these ceramic ones.   I like how the upper knobs tie into the base of the knobs on the bottom drawers.

Great scallop on the mirror and the skirt.

 Always a sucker for a great spindle!!

So pretty. :)

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