Friday, June 12, 2015

Antique Dresser with Mirror

This dresser is part of the set my husband found for me.  I absolutely love it but went back and forth on what I wanted to do with it.  

I wanted to try something a little different with it, but couldn't decide what.  It sat in the garage for a few weeks and I finally knew it had to be 


I don't know why, because green isn't normally a color I gravitate toward.  In fact, I've done very few pieces in green (I like bluey greens!).  So, I went for it and I tried something different with the drawers.  After staring at it for a little while I knew I didn't like it and something was just off, so I did a FB poll and you all agreed with me.  So, I tweaked it a little and was so much happier with it.  BTW, "tweaking it" was a huge pain in the you know what!



I love the soft white  (it's not as bright in person) against this sweet olive color (I realized I like greens with a little yellow in them). It feels classic and vintage to me.  One thing I also realized, while doing the FB poll, was realizing that we all have different ideas of what looks good and what "floats our boat", so to say.  At first, this used to bother me.  I wanted everyone to like what I did!  But, obviously, my rational mind took over and told me that is NEVER possible.  There will never be a piece that everyone loves.  I'm glad we're all different!  

I really like this classic looking pattern to break up the green.  Some suggested to paint the whole piece green, but I felt like it was too much color on such a large piece.  I added the scroll, the wished I hadn't (but, it was stuck there for good), the painted it green (instead of white), and glazed, and now I love it. 

It's got great little detail work on the corners so I highlighted them in the same soft white as the drawers. 

I still love these knobs and feel like they were meant for this piece!

This top is just to die for.  Seriously, one of the prettiest I've seen!  

I love the cup holders on the mirror!  Such a great detail!

All the insides are solid cherry and in beautiful condition (what a horrible pic! lol).

You know I love these knobs, too! ;)

I really like "alligator skin" on a piece of distressed furniture.  I love the texture it give so rubbed through the paint on all the part that had bumpy "skin".  The veneer was damaged on the bottom of the drawer, but it was still tight so I left it as is and distressed it.  I love little things like that that add character to a piece.


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