Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cedar Chest II

Usually when I find a piece of furniture I like I want two because I can't make up my mind what color I want to do it in--surprising, eh? ;)  When I found this Lane cedar chest I knew I was doing it black, but thought it would look great white and antiqued.  So, when I came across this cedar chest I was so excited I could try out my other "vision"!


Yep, she was pretty rough.  The bottom trim piece was coming off--when we turned it over to see if we could fix it we discovered it was only particle board (shame on you Lane!).  It must have gotten wet because it had expanded to twice its normal size.  Craig gave it a pull and it came right off.  I wasn't too sad because I wanted to put it on feet anyway (more like a bench).  So, we (when I say "we" I mostly mean Craig) made a base and attached bun feet to it.  (You don't know what  a bun foot is?  Well, neither did I or anyone else I talked to, so I had to do some investigating!)

I know I say this all the time so it's probably meaningless by now, but I LOVE the way it turned out!!

When I saw this in my head I pictured it with this fabric on it, but I had to decide between girly and grown-up--hate that! :) The nice thing about it is it's so easy to change!

 This, my friends, is a bun foot.  Yes, I love it! :)

 The finish on this is definitely second (and third) touch worthy. ;)

I had new hardware, but when I put it on I just didn't like it.  The old hardware was gold (I don't even need to tell you what I think of that, right?), so I spray painted it (I could kiss Mr. Seymour for that lovely invention!).

Would love to keep this one, but...


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