Friday, December 2, 2011

French Desk

Loved the shape of this desk.  I knew a friend was looking for one, so I brought it home with me (after 3 attempts to load it into 3 different vehicles, and men who were less than helpful--yes, they complained it was too heavy and just watched!-lol--I truly am blessed with friends who will go the extra mile!).  Its new home is a modern French bedroom for two sweet girls. 



This is actually her nickname in French  (sweet) and her birthday

Had picked out different hardware and on the way out saw these knobs and had to have them!  It was fate. :)  Love the black pulls, too.

The detail around the keyhole is why I bought it in the first place.

Just a little distressing

I did run my hand over it a dozen times ;)


color = Snowbound SW
pulls and knobs = Hobby Lobby
font = Zapfino

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