Monday, November 28, 2011

Burlap Lamp Shade

I have a new obsession--burlap! I love it!  I've seen a ton of great ideas on what to do with it, and it's super cheap.  Can't beat that.  When I came across this tutorial I had to try it.  I have this lamp shade in my room that is ok, but I wanted a little bit of warmth with all that white.  It was super easy and no sewing--my kind of project! :)



So fun! :)

I also used one of the rosettes on a mason jar and stuck a candle in it--love that too! Amazing what you can do with hot glue! :) 


  1. Oh. My. GOSH! I love this! I have some burlap and two matching white lampshades in my bedroom. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is my thing... I rarely take before photo's... so dumb. The one that kills me is my hutch. I'll have to look through my pictures and see if I can find a picture of it from years ago. ANYWAY, I love your stuff... keep it coming! :D

  2. Thanks Carma....would love to see an after pic of your hutch anyway! :)


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