Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antique Dresser

A family member, who loves to give me a hard time, brought this to my house a few weeks ago and said, "I thought you might like this.  You can have it."  Needless to say, I forgave him of all his merciless teasing on the spot! ;)  I LOVE it! It's curvy but a little bulky which gives it a masculine feel.  The top was pretty rough, so I knew it would need to be redone--darn it! ;) 



It had all the original knobs (hiding in the drawers).  I liked the contrast between the natural wood and the drawer fronts so I left them as they were. 

Absolutely loved the curved top drawers.

I don't even have to tell you how much I love this, right?

I knew this was a veneer, but sanded the top anyway (which took me forever) just to see what it was.  Well, to my surprise (again!), it was a black walnut veneer, cut in a mirror pattern.  Can't wait to see how beautiful it is when it's got poly on it (I couldn't wait for the stain to dry to get it home, and then since it was home I couldn't wait to take pictures).  O.k., so patience is a virtue but it is not one of MY virtues!

Have been wanting to do a sand-through on a big piece and I thought this would be the perfect one to try it out on. 

Love the knobs attaching the mirror.

One of my favorite parts of this dresser are the feet! <3

primer = white
color = Comfort Gray SW

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