Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barn Dresser

I found this dresser in a barn--tucked in a corner, full of cobwebs, and in need of some TLC.  The lady I bought it from was sweet and so proud of her "treasures" (she's also the one I bought the lamp from).  This dresser had me a little scared until the very end--hated it after the primer, hated it after the paint, was a little more tolerable after distressing and the stain, and it wasn't until I put the hardware on that I actually liked it!



The top is my favorite part and it happened by accident (DIY'ers, if it doesn't work the first time, don't be afraid to change the game plan!).  I love the dimension of the color and the worn out feel it has--picture doesn't do it justice.

The little details on the top, the sides of the drawers, and the bottom edge give it some character.

It's good when the old hardware works, but it's fun to buy new, too (sometimes it's a hard choice), but this dresser came with none, so new it was! :)  I actually changed the knobs on this twice--the first set was pretty, but a little too feminine and the color was too close, so they got lost on the color of the dresser.  I like the contrast of these knobs (and the fact that they're not as "girly").  We won't talk about the pulls cuz I think I might still be mad at them. ;)


color = knock off of Pebble by Krylon
stain = dark walnut MW
wax = Minwax finishing paste

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