Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The picture makes this buffet look really washed out.  It was almost a burgundy color with a thick lacquer on it.  Still a gorgeous piece, but a little rough and very dated.  At first I wanted to do it all in black, but it had a little surprise for me (sometimes surprises can be be good!). :)



(Did you notice the cute little lamp?) ;)

really love this shot...

So, I was going to do the top black as well, but when I was sanding it I saw a little bit of the natural wood peeking through.  My heart did a little thump when I saw what was under all that lacquer.  It was cherry!  I knew I couldn't paint over it, so I had to strip it (which was a first for me).  It was worth the goop and mess!  I wanted to leave the wood as natural as possible, so decided to use Tung Oil instead of poly. 
 The difference between the unfinished wood and then with the Tung Oil (which has no color and is also a  protectant).  It looks better in person! :)

One thing I love about redoing furniture is how, even after it's repainted, part of it's story is still evident.  You can see dents and dings, and veneer that is cracking.  I don't see these as flaws, but what makes a piece of furniture unique and beautiful.

original hardware spray painted black

rub through


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