Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painter's Ladder

My dear friend (we have so much fun talking furniture!) said she had this ladder in her basement I could "play" with.  I wanted a pop of color in my new room, so I decided to paint it apple green.  The guy at the paint store (who sees me frequently and doesn't normally question my taste) said, "Really? You want this color?"  lol  O.k., so I can understand his hesitation.... ;)


 Love the ladder--but I was a little scared when I painted the first step--wow!!  The fun thing about this project is I knew I couldn't really mess it up.  If I didn't like it, it would just end up in my garage for another day.


I had to do a LOT of sanding to tone down the color. The more I sanded the more the texture of the other paint showed through--kept that "used" feeling.

The best part! 

I haven't decided if it's staying or not.  Craig doesn't like it, so I need another opinion or two! :)

color = Fusion SW


  1. Of course its staying, or you could ask him to hang it up sideways.

  2. I like it Lisa- though, my Craig would likely feel the same way :) He is typically not as fond of my "brighter" colored ideas. I once painted a bathroom 'cheery' pink. It was kind of coral color. It was pretty, but admittedly a little overwhelming. It didn't stay that way long, and bless his heart, he never said anything, until I re-painted it at which point he told me how much he had hated it :)


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