Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a story about a dresser

I went to my first estate sale a few weeks ago and drug Craig with me--he says it was for the truck I still maintain it was for the company ;).  Saw a few things I liked but most of it was too much $.  Then on the way out saw this cute little dresser and the price was a steal!  I was so excited! We took it to Craig's shop to fix the drawers and I happened to see the shipping label on the back.  It said "Em Heins, Lyndhurst WI".  Lyndhurst is very close to the little town Craig grew up in and so I asked him if he knew who it was.  He called around and found that it belonged to the grandmother of a woman we know from church.  What are the chances!  She graciously let me paint it and is going to keep it in the family now.  A sweet litte dresser with a happy ending. :)



Love the spindles

Still has the original wood casters

The top was still in pretty good shape--just needed a little sanding (ok, maybe a lot of sanding!).  The original was pretty dark and you couldn't really see the wood grain, but she wanted a medium tone which really let the grain show.  Very unique!

Orginal hardware--just needed cleaning.  Love it!


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