Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dresser redo

Funny story--A couple of months ago a friend showed me a dresser she was interested in having me paint.  Fast forward to last week--I was on a Classified page on FB for my local area and see this dresser that I really liked.  I messaged the girl that had it listed and told her I was interested.  She told me how much she wanted for it and I hem hawed about it--told her I would love to get my hands on it, just didn't want to buy it for that much.  So, I get a message a little bit later that day from this friend who showed me her dresser  and she says, "Did you recognize the dresser you wanted to buy off Classifieds?"  It was the same dresser!--her friend accidently listed it.  So, happy ending!!, I got to do the dresser and didn't have to buy it! lol it is....


It was in very good shape, just needed updating.


 I was not a huge fan of the hardware on this piece (sorry!).  It was very dated, but she wanted to keep them, so we opted for painting them.  What a huge difference (you probably can't tell very well from the pics, but trust me!)!  I like the contrast of the black and then the pop of silver in the middle.

Love the curve of the bottom and the top.

I a
I really like how the distressing accentuates the clean lines, too. 

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