Saturday, April 14, 2012

Side table

The chunky, curvy pedestal on this little side table is  right up my alley. :)  Was so excited to get my hands on this one!   



Am so in love with this color right now! 

 You already know that I like heavy distressing and, lucky me, so does the fun gal that owns this little cutie! 

 I absolutely adore the worn feel of these "feet". 

 I sanded down the top and restained it dark--love how the stain picks up the grain in the top and how deep the end grain looks.

 Couldn't resist. :)

It looks amazing in its new home!

color = Moody Blue SW (but I made him play with it a little, so it's not exactly what's on the card)
stain = Espresso by Varathane
stain over paint = Special Walnut by Minwax

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