Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old World Table

Sometimes when I see a piece of furniture I know exactly what I want it to look like.  This sweet little table was one of those.  I absolutely love the curvy top and drawer, but those hideous pulls grabbed your focus.  I love the layered and textured look some old world pieces have and I thought she would look perfect that way.

Sorry there are so many pics, but I liked it that much. :)



 I sanded it down, re-stained it, hit it with a hammer, poked it with a screwdriver, waxed it with dark wax, and then a coat of clear wax.  It makes my heart go pitter-patter. ;)  Love that it has all the original scratches and marks.  It makes me wonder who sat at it and what they did.  

 I broke every single painting rule there is when doing this one, and loved every second of it.  I didn't prime, I wasn't careful with how I brushed it, I didn't coat it evenly, and I brushed over it when it was still drying.  I also painted it three different colors.  I love all the texture the paint has.  I distressed, sanded, and then waxed with dark wax.  

 Adore these knobs, too. :)

 Sweet surprise inside. 

Dimensions: 35"W x 25"D x 30"H

colors = Sandy Beige (my color), Creme SW, Greek Villa SW
knobs = HL


  1. Another great makeover. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    Go check it out.
    www. kayboocreations.blogspot.ca

  2. Thank you so much Karyn!! (I have to admit--I'd never heard of the Liebster Award and thought it was a joke at first, so I had to look it up. So glad I did!) If you get a chance you should head on over to Karyn's blog. She has some fantastic make-overs of her own!


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