Friday, July 13, 2012

Antique Dresser

This little chest of drawers has been in my shop for a while now because it needed a lot of help.  The veneer was peeling off the top and one of the drawer bottoms needed to be replaced (along with some other minor issues).  I've had this baker's rack in my dining room that I've been wanting to replace and the more I stared at this dresser the more I wanted it for my own.  So, I painted it and moved it in! :)

I accidentally posted the wrong "before" dresser and deleted the actual before of this dresser. :(  It was two-toned wood and pretty dated looking.  So, straight to the "after"!! :)


 gotta love these!

 I didn't like these details at all before, but now that they're black I really like them.  

Love these soft brown knobs contrasted against the black.

I had the boys bring it in last night and every time I see it I'm doing my internal happy dance! ;)


  1. Lisa- I love it! It turned out beautiful.

  2. Didn't like the high-contrast knobs on the top at first, but by the last pic i was sold. Really like it. Your creativity and productivity are inspiring.


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