Monday, July 30, 2012

Two-tone Antique Vanity/Desk

I'm not a big fan of art deco and I'm not a big fan of two-toned furniture.  So, why did I buy an art deco vanity and paint it two-toned you ask?  I have no idea, but I love it!  First of all, I was so happy when I started sanding the top and discovered it was wood and not veneer.  Yea!  Second of all, when I started painting it I realized it had more detail then I thought because it was hidden in all that different toned wood.  Yea!  Like I said, I usually don't really like a piece of furniture in two different colors, so I kept the body of this one a light grayish green and the drawers a crisp white, so there wasn't too much contrast--what can I say?  I'm not the kind of girl that jumps right into cold water either, it's one toe at a time people....Anyway--I really do love this piece and the little vanity chair was a find, too!  


 It makes me smile to think of the woman who reupholstered this and what she thought of her "project" when she was done.  I wonder if she jumped up and down like I do? :)

Before          After


 These drawers remind me of bead board. <3

 Love the chippy look on this.

The top on this desk is gorgeous.  I left some of the old marks in it just because I love the character it gives it.

 Searched high and low for a fabric I could even tolerate and that would go with this color.  I came back to this one--so glad I did.  Although figuring out how to recover the seat has been a big ol' pain in the neck.  It took me longer to do that than it did to paint the whole darn thing!

color = Rainwashed SW & stock white SW

Dimensions:  41"W x 17"D x 29"H

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