Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hutch featured in SheKnows

About a month and a half ago I received an email from Jana Randall who writes for an online magazine called SheKnows

 She had found a picture of this Depression Era Hutch (it's been one of my most popular!)

I had recently done on Pinterest.  She loved the piece and wanted to use it in one of her upcoming articles 

I felt honored and was so excited!  I couldn't believe one of my pieces was going to be on a site that I didn't put it on! ;)  

I just wanted to tell Jana how much I appreciate her featuring this hutch in her magazine.  And, I loved checking out the amazing articles and tips they have just for women!  I highly recommend checking it out! 



  1. That's fabulous news, you must be so excited.

    (And it really is an AWESOME hutch!)

    Well done!!

  2. Thank you so much Michele! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. So happy for you! It's a great looking piece you should be proud.


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