Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tiger Oak Buffet

I think I've already discussed how I feel about oak.  I will probably receive hate mail for this next comment, but I doubly despise tiger oak.  I really just don't like it. 

 Does that mean there's something wrong with me??  

Well, no matter, cuz I still don't like it! ;)

This buffet came to my shop yesterday and I absolutely love the simple lines and queen anne legs, but not so much what it was made of.  So, I was secretly happy because I knew I could cover it all up with paint! ;)


 Love a buffet and just adore a leggy one!!

 The pics make the finish look blotchy but that's actually light reflecting off the grain (the poly makes it look that way in the pics).   There was way too much light in the room when I took these.  

Why was there so much light in the room?  Oh, yes, because we received a couple more inches of that blasted white stuff!!  This is the perpetual winter!  Mr. Frost refuses to release his icy grip on WI.  I'm thinking a good man hunt is in order  (I know, I know.  He's adorable in the The Gaurdians, but I HIGHLY doubt he REALLY looks like that! ;)  ).  

All that snow and huge, south facing windows makes for crummy pictures!! 

Ok, I'm done whining! :)

 The original hardware had such a great patina on it that I left it alone *gasp.  It's hard to believe, but I just couldn't paint over it.  It almost seemed criminal. ;)

I will make an exception to my former comment about tiger oak.  This top did turn out beautifully. 

She's lovely. 



  1. You've done it again!!!
    Gorgeous - not surprised it sold so quickly at all!

  2. That is absolutely beautiful. I'm not a fan of tiger oak either{good thing I posted that on your blog, and not mine} Thank you for sharing your fab creations!

  3. I love that you painted the buffet even though some may think it is a crime! I am all for that....I painted cherry paneling in my parlor because it was just ugly! Love the painted look now. The black on the buffet is gorgeous and the tiger oak top just makes it. Found you on the Bloglovin' Blog Hop....I am new follower via Bloglovin' and Pinterest!

  4. She's absolutely gorgeous. Wish was sold to MOI!!

    You do excellent work. Grats on another one sold.

    Have a great wweekend.

  5. Lisa, this is just stunning! Found you at the Bloglovin hop and look forward to following you there! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. gorgeous, lisa! i love the black paired with the gorgeous wood top!

  7. I'm stopping by and following you from Bloglovin blog hop, what a gorgeous piece!!! It looks amazing, this is my favorite era of furniture, I'm pinning ~ Amy @ StowandTellu

  8. Oh my stars, what a gorgeous piece, the top is glorious. Smart to leave the top as it was, only better. I would so love to have that piece. Every time I find a buffet it's so overpriced even before anybody smartens it up.
    Did find a cute smaller one at Habitat few weeks ago but somebody bought it just before we got there to get it. When will I learn to buy something at those places when I see it? It was only $45. Groan. Still kicking myself for not grabbing it then, no I had to be money careful, kick, kick.
    I'm not usually an oak lover either, (especially the light oak so many cupboards have)but the darker tiger oak is really pretty. I can't look at any piece tho without thinking what paint would look good on it. My son-in-law nags me about painting wood furniture, to each his/her own. Happy Weekend

  9. This is stunning! I do like Tiger Oak and have always been afraid to paint over the hubby will stand his ground on leaving some pieces alone. :) However, I love the simplicity of this now, but really love how you left the top natural. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


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