Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Antique Desk

I bought this desk through a friend without seeing it before it showed up at my house.  I know.  Risky.  But, this was in pretty good shape except for the top.  I could not figure out what it was made of.  At first I thought it was leather and then after sanding a little bit on it realized it was particle board with some kind of funky paint job and top coat to make it look like leather.  It was damaged in a few spots (that were raised because of water I'm assuming), so I sanded them as smooth as I could and then just primed twice and painted.  You can still see the raised spots, but it's a used piece of furniture so it's not going to be perfect, right?

 I love the curvy drawers and top.  



It sold almost right away and she wanted a black, distressed finished.  I never get over how a little paint can update a piece.  :)

 Some of the drawers had ink stains in them so I just lined them with fabric.
I actually ended up changing the fabric on the chair, but didn't want to drag it out for another pic.
Lazy, lazy! :)

Simple little redo.

Hope everyone is having a great week! 
 It was gorgeous here today, so I am a happy camper! 



  1. Love this desk, Lisa! I'd actually like to find one like this for myself. It's the perfect size to me ~ not too big and not too small, with plenty of drawers. Love it black, too!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    What kind of primer did you use? spray on or brush on? and then...what kind of paint did you use? Did you put a finish on top of the paint? or wax it? I many questions. The reason is that I have an old desk that is similar and would like to finish it just exactly the same way! Thanks!! Diane

  3. I have also been goingthrough all the older posts and loving it. I have been using ascp and have been redoing a lot of pieces. Loving your desk, plus every other thing you have been done..

  4. I have this exact desk in my basement collecting dust! It is now on my project list and will be redone immediately. Thanks for the inspiration. Your pieces are just lovely.

  5. I love the curves on that desk! Great job! Hope you can stop by our Wonderful Wednesdays linky party and link up some of your great projects/posts. Here is the link, see you there!

  6. This re-do has turned out to be magical! The curves of the drawer they look so elegant with the new look !
    Thumbs up!
    Jessica x

  7. Lisa, the desk looks wonder it sold so quickly!!


  8. Awesome! i really impressed by your work.i really enjoy your post! thanks.Brown TV Bed

  9. I love this. Did you use a primer or a clear finish?


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