Thursday, July 11, 2013

Antique Dresser #2 {this week}

This is the last of the pieces I picked up about a month ago.  I absolutely adore everything this beauty has going on.  It needed some work though.  Parts fell off, parts were falling off, and parts were a little wonky (does anyone else use that word??).  Oh, and it was full of nasty things like mouse droppings and spider eggs!  My diligent and oh-so-patient hubby hauled it to our shop for me and fixed it up and I gave it a good cleaning.  Now it's better than it ever was before!  

My client claimed it and said it was for her son so it received a modern update.  I think "he's" pretty sharp now! 



I actually like this stage.  I love seeing a piece at its ugliest because it makes me appreciate the after that much more. :)


This one I was feeling in black! So glad that's what she chose! 

I actually really like these simple knobs and I figured no boy wanted anything "cute"! ;)

It's just loaded with details and this is my favorite one!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  It's another softball tourny for us!

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  1. Wow - what a gorgeous dresser and it's just perfect in black!

  2. Wow, what a great solid piece, Lisa! I love it in black and I'll bet it fits in that boy's room perfectly.

  3. Beautiful dresser! I have a terrible time with black paint. What kind did you use?

  4. Super gorgeous! Perfect for a fella :) And yea, I use wonky all the time....even this morning while picking up an antique dresser from a garage sale....told hubs it had a 'wonky' drawer he needed to fix :)

  5. Lisa - you do wonderful work. That looks marvelous.

  6. Oh Lisa, he's gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. What an awesome piece - love that you did it in black - the perfect color for it...beautiful...

  8. OMGosh! This is fabulous!
    Great work! Hugs, Leena


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