Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maple Dresser w/ Rose Detail

This is the kind of a piece I consider a "bonus" piece.  I found a cute dresser on CL and when we got to their storage unit to pick it up they said, "Oh, we have two others.  Would you like to see those too?"  Umm, yah! :)  So, I happened to pick up this plain Jane and her sister, but I had plans. ;)

I've actually been thinking about flow blue china lately (don't ask me why!) and was inspired by the colors.  I just finished up a very distressed dresser and was wanting something a little simpler with clean lines.  She fit the bill perfectly. 

*I've been taking pics on our phones because my Mac refuses to read my camera card anymore (the card is new so I know it's the computer)! :(   Technology is so nice until it needs to be fixed! $$$$



I  kept the distressing minimal and let the knobs do all the talking! :)

 I've been in love with these since I saw them over a year ago, but have only used them on a little cabinet I redid for my daughter.  I really like how they bring the focus down the front of the piece, and the simple white is the perfect background to show them off.

 I added this resin rose applique for a little detail, but kept it white so it wasn't distracting.  Love how it echoes the knobs.

 I ended up peeling the veneer off the top of this one, too (again! seriously??).  There were three pieces of maple underneath, but they were gouged in spots.  I hemmed and hawed over replacing it (Do you ever get your mind set on something and just can't let it go?  I was having a wood top on this! :) ), but ended up staining it Espresso and actually really like how rustic it looks.  I think it helps this piece not feel so formal. 

 So pretty!

 This cute little thing had to blow bubbles while I was taking pics (consequently I was cleaning them off the dresser when I was done!).  She's excited to go back to school and wear her new clothes! :)

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  1. Just beautiful!!!
    Love those knobs - and the applique is perfect!!!

  2. Oh I agree, the rose detail is perfect with those pretty knobs!

  3. I LOVE it!! Those blue knobs are awesome!


  4. Love it, thanks so much for linking up to Frugalicious Friday!!

  5. What a beautiful dresser! It looks at home in the garden among the flowers. The drawer pulls were a great find!

  6. I am glad you didn't paint the resin rose applique blue like the knobs.
    I probably would have done that and regretted it. LOL

  7. I love how this turned out. Those pulls are gorgeous! And now I want to use them too! The wood top turned out great. Great job.

  8. Your dresser is just so pretty. The knobs and flower detail, is just amazing. Thanks for sharing Blessings Paula

  9. Beautiful! I love the contrast between the white, blue and brown.

  10. Looks great! The colors you chose are wonderful. I'm hosting a candle giveaway that you should enter!

  11. Lovely knobs! Just perfect little accents!

  12. Oh goodness I adore everything about it, especially those fancy knobs. Featuring your brilliance tomorrow on the blog & thanks for linking up to ITS PARTY TIME. xoxo

  13. Lisa, you are so talented! The knobs really add so much charm! Love it :)


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