Thursday, December 12, 2013

Antique Desk & Chair

All over the blog world there are beautiful pictures of decorated mantels and trees, fun and inexpensive crafts, tongue tingling recipes, and sentiments about this wonderful time of year.  Yes, it is Christmastime!  

But, you will find none of these things on this blog!
Why?  Is it because I don't celebrate Christmas?  Heck no (although some years I have seriously considered it just because it is so darn commercialized!  Seriously, the stuff is out before Halloween now! C'mon!).  Is it because I am a stooge?  Maybe. ;)  Lol.  No, it's neither of's because I don't know when to find the time!  I am still working on finishing up others' projects and I just did my first shopping and got our tree yesterday.  My poor, poor little girl was begging me! 

 So, this is my apology.  I am sorry there are no pretty pics of Christmastime jolly here. BUT, I do have this fabulous makeover to show you!! :)

Oh wait...this is my favorite thing in my home at Christmas. My wonderful hubby bought me the pieces and then built the "stable" out of black walnut.  I adore it!

Yes, I get distracted easily!  ;)  On to the makeover!!

I've come to really appreciate a nicely made piece of furniture.  Solid wood, dovetail drawers, beautiful veneers....oh yeah, baby.  ;)  

This was a beautiful, cherry antique desk my client's parents had in a cabin.  She wanted a new bedroom set for her daughter for Christmas, but didn't want to pay the Pottery Barn price.  Don't blame ya sista.

* [ So, here is my plug for refinishing furniture.  This little desk is better quality than you will find in most major furniture stores (even the nice ones now use a lot of particle board!).  It really does pay to do a little bargain shopping and to look past the ugly.] *

 Instead of paying thousands of dollars she brought it to me and I made it pretty again for a lot less $$.
Merry Christmas! :)



Makes my heart go thump thump!

I sanded down the top and stained it with Espresso (two coats).  It looks so rich now and it has such a beautiful grain.  Topped it off with three coats of satin poly and she's good to go. 

The rest was in beautiful condition, so I simply sealed it with a coat of shellac (wasn't taking any chances--I'm on a schedule here!) and then two coats of Green Bay by Sherwin Williams.

  Yes, I still sand between coats...every one!

She picked out the hardware.  You already know how I feel about both of these.  Rustic, charming, and fit for a little (or big!) girl!

 The fabric is just temporary (it's just tucked on there for pics) but I love it anyway. :)

I hope she's a happy little girl! 

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Oh this is such a beautiful desk and you've done such an amazing job refinishing it. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Just beautiful, Lisa! I love those flower knobs, too!

  3. Thanks. I just fainted and broke my nose on the computer screen. That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!


  4. That is CRAZY GORGEOUS !!! Get a pen . I am going to tell you where to ship it LOL >>>SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL …GUSH

  5. So true about the quality of older pieces versus new pieces made today! And do you think PB or RH are going to put painstaking time and "Lisa" love into it?? :) It is a fabulous transformation!

  6. Can you see the drool I have left all over your page. That is a gorgeous piece! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh wow this is just stunning in every possible sense. The piece itself, the color, the pulls, everything! Just perfection!

  8. So so beautiful! love that rich color on top, and those flower knobs are too cute!

  9. No Xmas on my blog either, although I haven't posted anything since I didn't think I could compete with all Xmas stuff anyway.
    I really love the desk! The color is so rich. Your refinished tops always come out perfect!

  10. Another great makeover!!! Just love this color! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase! I'm gonna pin this one to our talent board!


  11. What color is the paint on the's perfect!?cheap beds with mattress sale


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