Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vintage Vanity

I haven't been on CL in a while, mainly because it's so hard to find anything good anymore!  I must admit, though, I am a very impatient shopper.  If I can't find it in the first 5 minutes, forget it!  I know, I know, it's not very lady like, is it? ;)  

BUT, luckily I saw this little gem in the first few minutes and I begged lovingly implored my wonderful hubby to come with me to pick it up.   I normally won't drive very far for a piece of furniture, but pickins are so slim I made an exception. :)  It was in a garage and dark when we got there (and it was COLD--you know how I am with that, right?!!) so we chit chatted for a few minutes, threw it in the back of the truck, threw it in the garage when we got home, and then snuggled on the couch so I could warm up.  Ha--I told you I was a baby!! 

The next day I went to look at it and could not wait to paint it to cover up all the ugly fake wood grain! There were beautiful mahogany tops and the sides and middle drawer were part mahogany but the rest was some fantastic faux paint job (considering the era it came from it really was interesting).  The veneer on all the small drawers was almost off already, so I just peeled it the rest of the way and sanded it all smooth. 


Since it has so many great details and is very curvy I wanted it to be soft, a little old-fashioned, and very feminine.  


I worked backwards on this one and started with the knobs and drawer fronts.  I've had this paper forever, but could never find the right piece for it.  I love how muted the colors are and how subtle the print is.  It's a little romantic and ultra feminine.  Pearls just felt right so I went with it! :)

It had the original bakelite pulls, but (I'm so sorry for saying this) they were hideously ugly and one was cracked.  Guilt was eating at me so I simply took out the middle part and kept the metal pull.  I think they're just fabulous now! 

 I have a thing for leaving the tops natural whenever I can so I was so happy this had beautiful mahogany veneers on it.  I hand sanded them (didn't want any oops! and then no wood tops for you!) and stained them in Espresso (my new fave!).  I love the variation of color in the wood 

She's also got fabulously chunky feet (I hope no one ever says that about me!).

Love these curves!  I used a soft beige/gray on the body and a soft white on the details.  I wanted it to be two tone, but I didn't want it to look too busy with the wood tops, and drawer fronts.

 Great detailing on the top of the mirror (which happens to be ginormously huge!!).

I think she's soft, sophisticated, and girly all at the same time!

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  1. I love the paper detail on the drawers. It is a very sweet piece.
    I have to admit--its just way too cold for me to paint right now.

  2. What a lovely piece - beautifully painted and the details are great. Love the paper for the drawer fronts.

  3. Beautiful piece, especially the paper on the drawer fronts. Here via Elizabeth & Co.

    Happy Holidays!

    ~ Cassandra

  4. Great vision on this transformation! It's really beautiful! I'm here because you are on my blog roll...wouldn't want to miss a post from you, because you inspire me! :)

  5. I am always so amazed by all of your pieces! You are seriously the best!

  6. I <3 your makeover<3 Pinned! I rescued a water fall lingerie wardrobe, and I'm so inspired by your refinish for my refinish now! Did you use wall paper on the drawer fronts?

  7. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Okay, not fair. This kind of talent should not be allowed. Unless it's me. Which it's not. Beautiful!!!!


  9. This is lovely would love a piece like this one thanks for sharing visiting from all things I'm lorraine at http://lorrainesresources.blogspot.com

  10. What a fabulous piece! I absolutely love what you did with it!
    Thanks for sharing on Twirl & Take a Bow. Hope to see you again this week!

    - Brooke -

  11. It's beautiful Lisa! I love that paper and have some in my stash too. Great idea to take your inspiration and colors from it. I will be featuring this as soon as I can get my party up. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


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