Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Set of Drum Tables

My client brought me this set of drum tables and asked if I could give them a little makeover.  I love drum tables, and don't come across very many, so I was more than happy to!  I'm sure anybody who paints furniture has been told, probably more than once :),  they should not, especially if it's nice wood.

  But, here's another great example of why I paint "good" wood. Although these tables are pretty, they are a dark, and uniform, color and you notice none of the great details.  

Painting them a light, blue/gray gives them a sophisticated look and helps bring out their great lines. 



They were made out of beautiful mahogany so we opted to refinish the tops.  I stained them Espresso, but you can still see the natural red in them.  Very pretty!

 I love the patina on the original hardware, so I left them as is. 

Here's the base of the second one.   I hear people say "Why would you paint a piece of furniture and then make it look beat up?"  Distressing doesn't necessarily make a piece of furniture look old or "beat up".  If done in moderation it simply defines the lines and makes those pretty details pop.

There are some days I ask myself why in the world I do this. 
 I finished up the second table and went to put the second coat of poly on the top when I noticed there were funny 1 inch streaks in the top.  I didn't have any idea what they were from and had no clue how to fix them (they looked like they were something in the original wood, nothing wrong with the stain or poly--too uniform).  It's been one problem after another lately and I wanted to throw in the towel!  I probably would have if it would have been my own piece.  
So, I got out my sand paper and sanded all the poly off by hand.  Then stained it again, and did another coat of poly (with my fingers crossed!).  The color turned out so much richer the second time and it's perfect.  
So, it was just a reminder to me that God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes things go wrong the first time, so we have a chance to do them over and make them even better the second time around. :)

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you for visiting me. :) 
 I'm so grateful for the many blessings God has given me, for the wonderful support I've been given, and that I'm lucky enough to be able to do something I love. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take time to "count your blessings"!

color = Silver Gray BM


  1. Can we say PERFECT !!! YES we can sister …OMGOODNESS GRAVY I love it

  2. Hi Lisa~ Beautiful!! I have been reading several of your posts about the beautiful pieces you have been creating and, obviously, you have a great eye and know what you are doing! I'do all sorts of crafting but am just now stepping out into the world of using chalk paint. I do have a question and hope that you can help me. I made some DIY chalk paint using a Valspar sample with calcium carbonate and am painting a small all-wood, stained piece. After the first coat had dried, I noticed there was a single bristle from my paintbrush stuck in the paint. When I, very gingerly, tried to remove it, the paint literally peeled off the surface! I'm freaking out cuz I thought this stuff was supposed to really stick. Yes, I did a light cleaning and even lightly sanded it. It had been about 24 hours since I had put on the first coat so it had plenty of time to 'cure'. Is the peeling normal or not? I'd appreciate your input here. Thanks so much!

  3. Lisa, you've done it again, ma'am - what a beautiful piece - it looks so amazing - so much better than the original boring not-so-spectacular pieces. You have a good attitude too about perseverance. Good for you.

    Well done!

  4. Just beautiful Lisa! ... Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. They look beautiful, Lisa! I love the color.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I hear ya Lisa and agree wholeheartedly. Painting and dark waxing the details brings these dark tables back to life. Gorgeous makeover...gorgeous color choice!

  7. Just catching up on my blog reading. These are beautiful! You did a fabulous job.


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