Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweet Spring Green Dresser

I needed a quick and fairly easy makeover to make up for all the pain-in-the-butt pieces I've had lately!  So, I picked up this little cutie, and guess what??  

Yep, it was a pain in the butt!!  :)  

I sanded the top down to stain it, but it looked horrible!  So, I decided to paint it (which I have painted over stain a thousand times before!).  Well, the stain kept coming up through the paint.  I have never had that happen!!  So, after sealing it twice with a water based poly and doing two coats of paint, I finally decided to walk away and let the whole thing dry really good and then came back and sealed it with shellac.  Should have just done it in the first place as it worked like a charm!  Nothing is ever easy! :)


Winter is biting at our noses here in WI already, so I thought I would give this little guy a coat of spring green.  Would be so cute in an entry way or a nursery!


The color looks a little washed out in this pic because of the lighting.  It's more of the color in the pic with the knob. 

 I  love these little white knobs against the crisp green. 

Funny how the color doesn't look the same in any pic!!

The inside needed a little TLC, too, so I sanded all the drawers down and painted them, too.


  1. It must be 'Pain in the Butt' season because I am still working through a beautifully stripped and sanded top to a French dresser. The natural wood was so beautiful...but it won't take the stain evenly...very blotchy and I even used a wood conditioner first! Oh well, you changed gears nicely and the chest you completed is darling. I love the white knobs against the spring green color.

  2. Love the the the dresser!!

  3. I love this !!! Just beautiful and I love all the happy colors that you used on this piece. Just beautiful my friend. YOU are a talented soul.


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