Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Antique Empire

It's no secret I have a ginormously. gargantuan, huge, make the universe look small little thing for furniture. Five years ago I wouldn't have given an antique a second look, other than to say it was ugly.  But now!  They make my heart go pitter patter and my brain start racing!  And, I must say, I think I like a pretty Empire style piece as much as anything.  There's just something about those subtle curves and chunky feet.  LoVe, lOvE, looooove them!

I recently met this fabulous lady (she really is just fabulous!).  She loves antiques, too, and we blah blah blah about them when we get together.  Well, she's sweet enough to keep an eye out for me when she's at home on her computer or when she's out and about, and.....in her own home!  She needed to sell this beauty to make room for another piece and I was so thrilled when she said I could have first dibs.  What  a sweetheart! 

I'm not sure why it is so but most Empire's I see are made out of tiger oak. I don't need to remind you how I feel about oak, in general, and usually tiger oak (which is actually just quarter sawn oak, not some freaking exotic wood) is no exception.  

But, when I started sanding down these drawers the pattern in the grain was so beautiful that I decided to leave them natural.  You're welcome all you paint haters! ;)



The best thing about making over these pieces is that they are so dark before and lightening them up really gives them a whole new life. Look at those drawers just pop against the paint. Wowza!

 I give God all the credit for this one.  His handy work cannot be beat!

 I love lining the drawers, what a sweet surprise when you open them up!

 The grain on the top wasn't as nice as the drawers and I didn't want the top competing with the drawers, so I decided to paint it. I almost never do that!

One thing I love about painting furniture is all the texture it brings out.  You know I like smooth paint, but I also love all the little bumps, scales, and imperfections that come with an older piece.  Painting and distressing enhances all those things. 

 Both of these are still my favorite hardware.  I could just sit and stare at the knobs with the metal overlay.  I like how the middles are dark to tie in with the dark wood, but the outer edge is light to tie in with the drawers.  They just bring the entire piece together. 

These are some of those subtle curves I love, and those feet....


  1. this is beautiful! Love the contrast of paint and oak.

  2. Lovely as always! I'm off to see the other pieces I've missed...


  3. Oh how she makes my blood race. In a good way. Fantaboulus !

  4. Hi! I came over from Hometalk where I spotted this lovely dresser! I think it might be the the prettiest one I have ever seen! I resently bought an old raw wooden dresser, allmost like this one, and I am looking for inspiration. This is surtainly something to consider! :)

  5. Your redo's make MY heart go pitter, patter...pinned!


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