Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cedar Chest in custom stone (color)

I almost kept this one for myself and left it just the way it was, BUT it didn't fit! :(  Big boo!

This is not an antique, but it is beautifully made and such a unique piece.  The top opens and the chest part is lined with cedar and then the bottom drawer opens and it is also lined with cedar.  I just love it. 

When I sold the highboy earlier this week my client said she was looking for a chest, too.  I was sad to give it up but I knew it was getting a good home! 



She wanted it to "match" the highboy, but not be "matchy-matchy".  She also wanted to go a little darker with it.  It's such an elegant looking piece so I like how the neutral color lets all those pretty details stand out. 

I mixed the colors Weimeraner from SW, Wheat Bread from Behr,  and Driftwood from General Finishes to get this color.

Originally she had wanted the top wood and the rest painted.  Problem:  when I got to looking at the top I wasn't sure exactly what it was made of or what kind of treatment it had on it.  It needed to be refinished because it had scratches on it, so it had to be painted.  So, I asked her if I could leave the drawer fronts wood instead.  They aren't perfect but in a lot better shape than the top.  I didn't do anything to them but wipe them down. ;)

My favorite part about this chest is the feet!  I will quietly admit I did sit on my garage floor and rub them (just a little and not for too long...shhhh).

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  1. I absolutely love this! Did you post a pic of the highboy? I have a small one that is in excellent condition I want to paint but am scared to death to start. LOL Don't really know the paint I should use. Don't want a distressed finish so I am still researching.


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