Sunday, July 12, 2015

Antique Lowboy in Seagull Gray

Another great find by my CL friend, Sandy.  I love lowboys!  Especially the curvy ones!  What's not to love about this cute piece of furniture?

I don't do gray very often which is sad because I absolutely adore it.  It's neutral, sophisticated, and soft.   I couldn't help but use General Finishes Seagull Gray on this little cutie.  Once I got it in my head I couldn't think of anything else for it. 

I've done one very similar to this in the past and the veneers were like paper and very fragile.  Most of them had to be removed.  I was so glad to see this did not have that issue.  It's in beautiful condition.  It just had horrendously ugly pulls. ;)

*Side note:  Did I ever share with you the fact that I am trying my hardest not to totally freak out that I will have a Senior in 2 months and that means he is less than a year away from leaving home?  No, I didn't tell you because it is totally freaking me out.  I mean like I-can't-even-think-about-it-because-it-will-make-me-bawl-my-eyes-out-like-a-freaking-baby freaking me out.
We'll talk more about that later. 


Nice, but completely anemic.

Oh, that's something else I have to tell you.  All my hair was breaking off and freaking me out (do you see a common theme here?), so I finally went to the doctor and found out I was severely anemic and have been for years (yes, they diagnosed me with it 4 years ago and I didn't take it seriously until the whole middle of my head was 1/2 inch long, yikes!).  I am now on mass doses of iron until my blood work comes back normal again, so that's fun (No, no it's not, it's terrible.  My poor tummy.).  I hope my hair starts growing back soon!  Moral of the story, you're hair really can tell you a lot about your health!


It really is so cute!

The color is Seagull Gray from General Finishes.  It's a light true gray and I am so happy with it!

The top was in very good condition so I carefully sanded it down and gave it one coat of Java Gel.  I love the dark top contrasted with this beautiful gray. 

The drawers were kind of icky on the inside so I sanded them out and gave them two coats of Persian Blue from General Finishes. 

I hemmed and hawed over the hardware for 10 minutes before finally deciding on these pretty glass knobs.  I was a little worried about them until I got them on and then fell in love with them.  They are feminine without being too delicate and paired with the antique brass cup pulls they are absolutely perfect. 

I also did a stencil in bright white on the top drawer fronts and then really sanded it back so it was a lot more subtle.  It adds a little something without being too overpowering. 


  1. Love love love it - it is absolutely perfect. Your usual work IS! ♥♥♥

  2. This piece is so absolutely adorable!!!!!!

    I also have Iron issues, it's the worst! Those pills are the devil!

  3. Hi, the lowboy is absolutely incredible! Would love to see that grey up-close-and-personal! And that oval mirror! And those lovely curves on the mirror's frames! I don't know why this particular piece talks to me but it does and I'm not going to complain! Well done!


    P.S. Need to find my General Finishes outlet here!


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