Friday, July 24, 2015

Hutch in Millstone

This is another piece found by Sandy (oh, what would I do without her?).  I called about it and set up a time to go see it because the person selling it was selling it for an elderly couple.

When I got to their apartment I was a little disillusioned with the piece but the elderly couple was moving and needed to get rid of it and they needed the money.  Now, my wonderful Father in Law is always telling me how I can make a sow's ear into a silk purse (don't you just love that saying?).  So, as I was contemplating hauling this thing down the stairs (when I didn't really want it) I remembered what he always says to me and decided I would take it.  The man was so happy and I knew, even if it had to go in the garbage, that I had done the right thing. 

When I got it home I started looking it over and other than being covered in bird poo it was in really nice condition.  

Ever since I used this bird fabric to line some drawers a couple of months ago I knew it deserved to be front and center on a piece and this was the perfect little project for it.

I chose to go neutral with the color scheme so the fabric would be the focal point. 


I hate those chunky monkey handles in the middle of the doors, so I filled the holes and replaced them.  And, guess what?  The moldings on the door fronts are actually plastic (they usually are on pieces like this), so I wasn't sure the wood filler was going to work, but it did fine.  :)


The color is Millstone from General Finishes and the door fronts are done in Antique White with a little Millstone added in. 

 So cute!

Can't you just see this full of white towels?

 I replaced those yucky pulls with these rusty iron knobs. Much better!


  1. Oh look what you've done! You should take a snap and go show it the eldery couple!

    Love the colors on this - I am kinda surprised you kept the lower doors; I thought I'd see you do plain shelves there or even - gasp- chicken wire or something......they seem so ornate and 70s ish.

    Still, love it - you really did make a silk purse, my friend. You always always do!

  2. I love it! You turned that ugly duckling into a swan and oh does it sing! Beautiful work.

  3. I am amazed with every piece you post. Each one better than the last. I have an antique buffet I wish I could send you. I've stared at it for 6 months and still don't have a vision for it. This combo is beautiful.


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