Saturday, August 1, 2015

Headboard Bench in Peacock Blue

I bought this bench, pre-made, from an elderly gentleman who likes to tinker in his garage.  Lucky me!  The only thing wrong with it was the seat was made out of plywood and was in two pieces with all the screw heads showing.  Not good. 

Once again, I enlisted the help of my handy man and told him I wanted a wood seat on it.  Luckily he is well connected ;) and got his hands on some hickory hardwood flooring. It's gorgeous and I knew the light colored wood, in it's natural state would look gorgeous against the rich peacock blue my client picked out. 


This is after one coat of paint and in process of getting its new seat.   This is truer to the color than the pics below.  I'm not sure why my camera doesn't like to pick up the green in teal/turquoise.  


I'm a little sad you can't see the true color in these pics.  I ended up dark waxing it to really give this gorgeous color some depth.  It's so beautiful. 

color = Peacock Blue from Walmart (color matched at Sherwin Williams)

 I sanded the flooring smooth and gave it 4 coats of poly, making sure to sand in between coats.  Because it was raw wood the poly really raised the grain.  To get a smooth finish you should sand between coats. 

 She hasn't seen it yet.  Hope she likes it! :)  


  1. This bench is beautiful - love the colour and the style of the bench is magnificent - well done :)

  2. What a neat piece! You've done it again, my dear!

  3. Love Love Love! wish I could see your tutorial for this bench!


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