Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vintage Lowboy in Tuscan Red

This lovely little lowboy came to me by referral.

**  I just want to take a minute here to say thank you to all of you who support me.  I feel so honored and humbled when people tell me someone was telling them about my work.  Actually, it still amazes me.  I just sit in my garage and do what I do and other people talk about it.  I really am so thankful for all the comments, likes, and shares on FB and IG and for those of you who tell your friends you've had a piece done by me.  :)

My client said she had been looking for something to put her TV on and when she saw this piece she jumped on it.  I'm so glad she did! Isn't it just the perfect size and shape?  I did my little happy dance (happy dances occur internally, just so you know, as not to scare off any random on lookers). 

She was a little hesitant about what she wanted and came to my house prepared with her fan deck.  We discussed the color she had chosen (remember, when choosing colors it always looks a little lighter and brighter on a piece of furniture than it does on the color card...I'm not sure why that is, but it has definitely been my experience) and looked at the rug going in her living room.   I asked her what she thought of Tuscan Red and she loved it. 

**side note.  Ironically enough I did a vintage lowboy in Tuscan Red this same time last year.  Must be the fall colors that inspire it. :)



Red just suits this piece so well.  I'm thrilled with how it turned out.  And, it goes to show that you can change a piece of vintage furniture into something more modern.  Antique doesn't have to look antique!

I changed out the original wooden knobs for these large antique brass ones.  They have a design on them that gives them a little bit of interest and I like the weight of them with this piece. 

General Finishes always flows out so nicely and leaves a great finish.  I highly recommend their products!  I haven't tried one I haven't been extremely happy with. 

 Let's talk about the top.  This piece had previously been refinished.  The finish was uneven and there were still carvings in the top.  Now, I am all about a piece having character and history.  But, sometimes when it's not your history or the history of your family you don't want it there.  I see no need to leave a name carved into your furniture that has no meaning to you.  So, I sanded it all down (and it took a lot of it to remove those etchings!) to the bare wood.  There's just something about a naked piece of wood that I love. ;)

 I promise you a little more effort to refinish a piece correctly will give you big rewards.  There is nothing like a beautiful piece of God's handiwork in your home. :)

The dark marks on the refinished top are the marks nature left there and I have no issue with those. ;)
I also love how the depth of the color brings out the beautiful grain of this piece of wood. Lovely.


  1. this is beautiful!!!!! it would be perfect for my tv stand as well. i bought one to refinish but i like this a whole lot more!!!!!!

  2. Lovely! I always look forward to your projects because they are so inspirational! I love Tuscan Red as well and with the stained top, it's gorgeous!

  3. OMG...That's soooo gooooorgeous! I love it! Absolutely takes my breath away! Love that Red!!

  4. That is beautiful and such a lovely colour. Your work is always beautiful and inspiring. I have a very old buffet that we use as a tv stand in our family room. It is currently half painted in GF Lamp Black. Half painted because after painting three large pieces of furniture that was all that was left in the can. One of these days I will take a trip to the store about an hour away that sells GF, for more.

  5. Oh, my goodness isn't that piece heavenly????

    Holy moley you do good work, Lisa!

  6. Lisa...this is beautiful...I am planning on this color on a child's hutch...Itis raw do I need to prime it? Also to get the darker wood to show through the distressing do I need to stain those edges a little...or just let the natural wood come through? It is just pine so quite light...What would you do? Thanks!


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