Friday, September 23, 2011

sweet chair

A friend, who knew I was itching for a project, brought me this sweet little chair she found at a rummage. Since I was just getting my feet wet I appreciated starting with a miniature. :) I knew, as soon as I saw it, what I wanted to do with it--that doesn't happen very often. Loved having the chance to use a little color!

I'm just learning how to take pictures, too, and stink at it so forgive me--hope practice helps!

I love distressing, but the color was so beautiful I had a hard time roughing it up!

Doing the paper on the seat was another first for me. It gave me fits the night I was doing it, so I just washed my hands of it and left it on the table overnight. The next morning when I got up I was afraid to look at it, but it had dried completely flat and perfect! So, YES!, I believe in miracles!!!

Love how it turned out.
color is "raindrop" by SW


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