Sunday, September 25, 2011

waiting for the paint to dry

It was cold and rainy yesterday, so what better thing to do with my time than paint! Decided inside was better than out, but we are minus a furnace right now, so it was a little chilly in the house and the paint was taking a while to dry. So, I found another project to work on while I was working on my project--sometimes I just can't help myself! [I also completed an assignment for one of my classes, so I wasn't just having fun... ;) ] I found this crate in my basement that I forgot I had, but it still looked pretty new--aside from one of the handles being moldy and chewed through by a mouse and creepy crawlies coming out of every nook and cranny! I had so much fun with it and even my 11 year old said it was "cool"--can't think of a better compliment! :)



these little beauties are from my garden <3
Couldn't resist this shot--two of my great loves--reading and flowers!

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