Friday, January 13, 2012


Found this little cabinet in a garage full of treasures.  The before pic doesn't quite do justice to its hideousness.  It was pea (like canned peas) green with a brown stain over the top and then lacquered, and the inside was covered in orange, wood-grain contact paper.  Not good. (But, I still loved the shape of it.)


 It's washed out in this was bright orange!

 I knew I wanted to distress this piece and I didn't want all that yummy green showing so I decided the only option was to strip it (cuz I didn't want to use an entire roll of sand paper and a week of my life sanding through that lacquer!).  It took 3 applications of stripper to get through the top coat and paint. (I actually liked it like this better than I did the original!)

Here she is 8 hours later.....

I just had to get this out of my system.  I love heavy distressing....but, since I'm trying to sell it I don't always do what I want to ;).  This cabinet was the perfect shape for the look I wanted.  So, even if this never sells I had so much fun doing it and my first thought when I was done was, "Yeup, I like it." :)


 I actually really liked the original pulls-just sprayed them white and distressed.

 I told Craig I just wanted to get done painting this one so I could put the knobs on. I'm in love with them--so sweet.

Inside of the drawer.

Primer = Painter's Touch in white
Undercoat = Gris SW
Topcoat = Snowbound SW
Clear coat = Varathane semi-gloss

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