Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pedestal Desk

I have this friend who was recently at an estate sale and saw a desk he thought I would like.  Long story short, he was too busy talking :), missed the bid on the desk he wanted, and accidently bought one he didn't.  The desk he bought was pressed board and he figured I wouldn't want it.  I told him I would paint it for him (normally wouldn't paint anything made out of p. board, but I felt sorry for him ;) ) to see if it would help him sell it (see what guilt does??) and he said if I painted it he might want to keep it. 

O.k., this baby was rough!  Chunks were missing, not much I can do about that.  The "finish" was missing in spots and I was a little worried about how this would turn out.  Anyway, here's the before...

Oh, it also had a fun little design on the front the he informed me was "ugly", so I filled it, although it took me 5 times, cuz nothing would stick to the pressed board very well....won't ever attempt that again.  I think my hair is a little thinner now...

Seriously, paint can hide a multitude of sins!  I primed it well--giving it a few light coats so it didn't get too wet.

Lightly distressed the edges and sealed with poly to make sure the particle board wasn't exposed.

Where there were "chunks" missing I just didn't distress there, so it wouldn't draw attention to it.

Included this shot so you could see where the pressed board was raised on the front edge a little (must have gotten wet previously).  I just lightly sanded and made sure this spot was primed well.  While you can't smooth these spots out they blend in when you paint.  The rest of the top turned out very nice.

Kept the original hardward (which had a hideous finish on it) and sprayed black--looks 100x's better!

primer = Painter's Touch (ok, I just have to say I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!  Love how it comes out of the nozzle and it has a smooth, chalky finish.)
color on body = Greek Villa SW
color on top = Enamel in stock black (low luster) SW
poly = Varathane in semi-gloss (Love this one too.  It's actually a floor finish and I get it at my local hardware store.)

He's keepin' it. :)

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