Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Side Table

So, I normally talk to my mom every week, but lately it's been hit and miss.  I missed last week and was missing her, so I called her this morning.  I told her I've been busy painting and she says, "But I looked at your blog and there wasn't anything new."   I think she was trying to catch me in a lie! lol

I have been painting just not posting all of it because some of it was just hard to take pictures of--like the 4 poster bed frame and 30 picture frames (which turned out great, but not too exciting).  So, to ease my mom's fear that her little girl was lying to her about being busy, here are a few of the things I have done. :)

This little side table was ok, but needed to be updated (in my humble opinion). :) 


 I decided the flowers had to go, so filled them in with bondo (I know, surprising, but it works great, and doesn't leave air holes like wood filler can), and then sanded smooth.

I always wipe it down with a tack cloth when I'm done sanding.  You can also use baby wipes.  Then primed, painted, glazed, and clear coated. 


 I love how new hardware can totally change the look of a piece.  Much better!

Went heavy on the distressing.

The top has a very worn feel.  Great if you have kids!

color = Snowbound SW
glaze = water based from SW tinted with chocolate brown
poly = Wood Classics in gloss SW
hardware = HL painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze by Krylon



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