Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Toy Box

K, I am posting this because I am always amazed what a little paint can do!  I love wood just as much as the next guy (really!), but some things just need an update or a new look.  This little toy box was blonde and a little blah.  She wanted a more grown up look so she could store her sons memorabilia. 

I've posted over 50 before/after pics since I started this blog, so I can't believe I forgot the "before" on this one! Sorry!  It just goes to show I am still excited to get started on a project! :)


 After doing all those rub throughs with a medium tone stain underneath I forgot how much I like the look of the natural wood under the black, too. 

So cute!  Love it.

color = Enamel in stock black SW
poly = Varathane in semi-gloss

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