Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Antique Dresser

I've been wanting something different to use as a tv console, but have a small space to put it in, so when I saw this cute little antique dresser I thought it would be perfect. I converted it by taking the top two drawers out (left them in for pics) and making shelves for the open space. Craig is bringing it home tonight, so I hope it looks good in the space otherwise it will be Ania's new dresser (love when I get to keep something!). :)


I have a confession...when I see a pic of a piece of furniture and get it in my mind that I want it then I have a hard time walking away when I see the actual piece (even if it's not in that great of shape).  So, I had my heart set on this little cutie, and when I saw it the veneer (it was advertised as solid oak, yeah right) was peeling and not that great.  I should have walked away, but the price wasn't bad and I told myself I could fix it.  I ended up stripping all the veneer off the top (and, in the process, christening this piece with my blood), filling in parts on the drawers, and distressing the minor imperfections.  My point?  Be flexible and willing to walk!

That being said--I really like how it turned out. :)

I wanted to do this in copper penny, but I've been having the itch to change the colors in my living/dining room and knew if I painted it this soft white then when I decided to refinish it like this...

 then the white underneath wouldn't be an issue.

I adore these knobs!

Love the curve of the top...

...and the skirt....


color = Greek Villa SW

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