Thursday, March 8, 2012

Antique Vanity

I have great friends.  This vanity was taken from a dental office that's being remodeled.  The owner asked if anyone wanted it and my friend said, "Well, I don't, but I know someone who would!"   Lucky me! When I popped the back off to take the mirror out the back of the mirror was stamped with Jan 17, 1924-- made by Windsor Furniture Company out of Chicago.  Before you yell at me for painting it, it was pretty rough (looked like someone had repeatedly stabbed it with a screwdriver) and the insides had been replaced at some I didn't feel too badly about doing my thing. :) 

Wow, you can totally see all of my mess (actually, only part of it is my mess!) and I almost forgot to take a before pic cuz I was so excited about this one. :)


 The tops really turned out gorgeous

 I just love how the glass knobs feel on this one (tried a few others, but these were my favs).

 Detail on front center

 The inside was a the little drawers.


Color = Greek Villa SW
Clear coat = Varathane in a semi-gloss
knobs = HL
stain for tops = Espresso by Varathane


  1. It turned out beautiful Lisa. I look so forward to your postings! I allow myself a little 5 minute break away from editing daily to check out your lovely work!

  2.'re very sweet Melissa. Thank you!! So glad you stop by to look!! :) (I like looking at your work, too!)

  3. WOW!! You know how to find GREATNESS out of everything you take care of. Looks amazing! Ty

  4. Couldn't have done it without you. :) Thank you so much--really!! I owe you. :)

  5. Wow, I just looked at this today. Beautiful. And why keep something old and ugly, (not to mention dry and smelly) when you can give it beautiful lines and put it to use.


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