Friday, November 9, 2012

Country Primitive Side Table

A friend dropped off this little side table at my shop a few weeks ago.  I ignored if for a while because, truly, I had no idea what to do with it!  Meanwhile, I had ordered some milk paint online and it had come in the mail.  I've never used it before and wanted to try it out, but was also scared to try it on a big piece in case I didn't like it.  I also was at HL shopping for knobs the day before and found a cute little bird knob and bought it even though I had nothing to put it on.  

Well, I thought, this would be the perfect little table to try the milk paint on and the color happened to compliment the bird knob I bought.  So, here's what I did with it...


I admit, I had a hard time seeing the potential. :)


The paint is from The Real Milk Paint company and the color is Peacock.  I absolutely adore the color!  

When I mixed the milk paint and started painting with it I HATED it!  It went on so much differently than latex.  It was watery and clumpy....then about half way through my project I went and looked at the directions and discovered I TOTALLY didn't follow them!!  Well then.....So, I suppose I will actually follow the directions next time and give it another try! 

 I do love all the variation in the color.  It has a nice depth to it.

I just love this little birdie!  Perfect on here.

I thought it turned out pretty cute. :)  It sold glad someone else thought it was cute, too! :)


  1. Just saw this post! Congrats on trying the milk paint. It can be unpredictable but fun. I think your piece turned out great. I dont think ive used that color blue yet but ill have to give it a try.

  2. It turned out cute!! Where did you find the bird? I think that makes it!!


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