Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rosettes Tutorial

Here's a quick little "how to" on making fabric rosettes.  Again, sorry for the pictures--the lighting in my kitchen is obviously not so great!

First cut a strip of fabric anywhere from 1.25" to 2" wide.  The length depends on how big you want the rosette to be and how tight you roll it.  I used a fat quarter, which is 21" long.  The first rosette I made I  used the entire length and rolled it pretty tight.  It ended up being a little bigger than the size of a quarter.  The next one I used 42" and rolled it a little looser.  It was about the size of the side of my fist (there's a pic at the end of this post to show you the different sizes). 

As you can see, the strip does not have to be straight.  It won't matter because you are rolling it and won't see the edges.  

Next, I folded the strip in half and ironed it.

Then I made a knot at one end of the strip.  It won't matter if you get the knot a little closer or a little farther away from the end.  You can trim it off if it is too long.

Then I pinched the knot between my fingers with the length of the strip on the back side (so I could wrap it towards me and still see what I was doing).  You could do it the opposite way but it makes it harder to see where to put the glue.

Then I twisted the fabric a few times toward my hand and wrapped it around the knot.  I placed a dot of hot glue every quarter turn around the knot.

Keep twisting and turning, placing a glue dot every quarter turn.  You have a little time, while the glue dries, to move it around a little until it looks the way you want it to.  Tuck the last piece underneath and secure with another dot of glue.

This should be what your finished rosette looks like --or something similar.   ;)

Don't forget to pick the little glue strings off! :)  Apparently I didn't do a very good job of that on this one!

I used them for these new lampshades, but you could use them for so many different things!

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

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  1. We're empty nester's who sold our BIG home and rented a townhome near our Grandchildren. Now they are teenagers and have a life of their own, we decided it was time to buy our last home...needless to say I got rid of alot of our stuff with the BIG home, so now we are in need of alot of new "OLD" things again...and yes you have my creative juices going! This is soooo cute and thanks for the tutorials on the whole shade! Love it!


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