Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The same client I did this chest of drawers for decided she wanted the rest of the furniture in her room to go with it, so I got to complete a "set". :)

Although I'm not a big fan of matchy-matchy, I love how painting different styles/woods of pieces can unify them and make a space feel more cohesive.   This is perfect for all of us who have collected mismatching pieces over the years.  

 This cute pine cabinet got an upgrade...
*Quick tip: Before painting pine make sure you seal the knots or they will bleed through your paint. 


and now the details pop on this oak headboard!


Painting them an antique white gave them a totally different feel!

The details on this headboard are seriously amazing so I distressed and glazed them so they would really stand out. 

If you're scared of glazing try using a damp rag instead of a dry one.  It takes off more product so you have a little more control.  The wetter the rag the more product you will take off.  Just be careful, if you rub too much in one spot with a really damp rag you can rub the paint off. 

 Cute little drawer and I really like the contrast and texture of these knobs. 

Love how these turned out! 

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  1. You do fantastic work and have helped me so much, I didn't know to prime the knots on pine...now I do. The furniture is awesome and I love the way you painted each piece.

  2. So much better - fresh and pretty! Now the details really shine!

  3. Swoon!!! I have to say this headboard makes me think of the one I've been working on today. It's antique and gorgeous. It used to be in my daughter's room but then it got relegated to the basement (cuz it was uncool). Where it grew mold. And I scratched the heck out of it when I moved it (another headboard was against it with SCREWS pointed towards it! Gah! Anyway, the funny thing is it's one piece I DON'T want to paint. I was practically in tears because I totally screwed it up (no pun intended) and Phil said, "well, paint it." HUH? He hates painted wood! I gave him daggers because it's the one time I don't want to paint something and he tells me to paint it. Anyway, longest comment in blog history and it's about my own stuff and not yours, but I got the mold cleaned off, sanded the gouges a bit, filled it with a little stain marker and it looks awesome now!

    Of course, after seeing your headboard, I want to paint it. =D



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