Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Antique Dresser in Coral

I love all kinds of furniture but definitely have a soft spot for a petite dresser.   This cutie was in good shape and had all the original hardware. 

After seeing a gorgeous coral dresser Sharon from Elizabeth & Co. did I was feeling inspired and couldn't wait to try my own!  Thanks so much Sharon!! :)  
(Btw--I just love her.  She is a talented and kind hearted woman.  Stop by and pay her a visit!!)

I'm wrapping up painting for my show so this will be one of my last pieces before Saturday. 
 LoViNg the color!



This color is very chameleon like and hard to photograph.  It's a beautiful melon color.  Not too orange, not too pink. 

 I sanded the bejeebers out of this thing too.  I actually love sanding.  Is that weird?  
Don't answer that. ;)

 I sanded the top down and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I restocked my shelves with Java Gel, so I gave her a coat and 3 coats of a polyacrylic.  So pretty, and perfect with this color!

 I loved the gold hardware Elizabeth had on her dresser and did try painting the originals gold for this one, but I didn't like them.  I also had white rosette knobs and didn't like those either.  I was a little bit panicky about what I was going to do for the hardware!  I finally decided to paint the originals with Oil Rubbed Bronze and really like how the tie the top in.  Phew!!

I found the sweetest fabric to line the drawers.  It just makes me happy-what a great color combo!

I'm so glad the weather is warmer this week, but I hear it's supposed to be 45 and windy on Saturday.  Bundle up and come on out to my show!! :)

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  1. I absolutely love your coral dresser Lisa! Coral really is a great color, isn't it? And as always, you made it extra special with the wood top, the pretty fabric and the perfect hardware! ... Thank you so much for your kind words! I just might be blushing! ... And I hope Saturday is a smashing success! I want to hear all the details!

    1. Thank you Sharon! I don't like it as much as yours. ;) The show went ok. I was a little disappointed, but I learned a lot! :)

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  3. Lisa, this is absolutely gorgeous! Not a colour I would have in my world but sure do love how it turned out.
    Bravo, lady - hope your show goes super well! Good luck!


  4. You had me at coral!!!! Love it great job!!!!

    Christina @ She Re Purposed It

  5. Beautiful Lisa! Good luck on Saturday!!


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