Friday, April 4, 2014

French Country? Hutch

Every once in a while I will get the bug to do a hutch.  And almost every time I wonder why in the h@#* I wanted to do a hutch.  I get about 1/2 way through and start hating life.

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with this one, so I went to Hancock Fabric for some inspiration.  I found the loveliest print and then it just came to me.

When I say it came to me, I mean I knew, in my head, what I wanted it to look like.  BUT, fate usually takes it's course and what's in my head doesn't always translate to real life.  Thus is the case with this piece.  It kind of morphed about half way through because I started with the bottom and seriously thought I was going to have to make a trip to the ER because of the way my arm felt.  Ok, ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but it was A LOT of work!! I don't like using an electrical sander because you have so much less control and it tends to look like you did it with a sander. So, this baby was distressed by hand (and arm and shoulder).  Won't be doing that again for a while!



This is a little out of my comfort zone, so I'm curious to know what you think!
 I'm still looking at it. 

 I do absolutely adore this fabric.  It has that french country vibe to me.  I love how it's soft and casual, but girly and upscale at the same time. 

 Oh, this makes my arm hurt just looking at it! BUT, I do love how the distressing turned out!  It's just a lot heavier than I normally do. 

 I could not find knobs that I was happy with so I finally went to my local lumber store and found these.  They were originally black so I sprayed them and the pull with oil rubbed bronze so they would all match. 

 She's pretty!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow!
    I love all your gorgeous makeovers!!
    I stop by daily to see them - you are amazing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

    1. Thanks so much Stacey! I can't believe you stop by every day! What a compliment! :) You know I feel the same about your pieces as well. :)

  2. That fabric just puts this one right over the top! I always distress by hand too so I can appreciate how much work you put into it - whew!

    1. Thank you Sharon. :) I will stick to the edges for a while. lol

  3. i just finished my kitchen cabinets in white and next step is to slightly distress and antique. Love the look you achieved with these. Do you mind me asking if it was a dark wax that you used? i've been practicing with some glazes and stains but am just not getting the look i was hoping for.

    1. Hi AnnMarie. I'm not much of a wax user. I actually just layered three colors of paint (a dark, a medium, and then the white) and distressed through the layers. I can't even imagine doing that with a whole kitchen full of cabinets!

  4. I think that is one of the prettiest hutches I've ever seen, really pretty and the fabric is adorable! Pinning this♥

  5. My arm hurts just thinking about it. But it looks lovely! Excellent fabric choice too. :)


  6. I love this french country along with the idea to put fabric or wallpaper as backing. I am on the look out for one that looks like this to repaint white I think.


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