Friday, February 20, 2015

Oak Headboard/Footboard

I came across this headboard and footboard by accident. Hubby was considering throwing it out.  I said, "Um, no." Lol

It is solid oak and in beautiful condition, but it was filthy.  I mean stuff dried on, hanging off, sticky, please, God, don't let any of that actually touch my hands kind of filthy. Nothing a little cleaning and some sanding couldn't fix and it was worth it. 


I would say I was sorry for the ugly garage picture, but those bags of pellets are what allow me to work during our sub zero, mind numbing, arctic Wisconsin winter. Did I ever mention how awesome my better half is?


This week has been the week from hell and I was so glad this was a fairly quick and easy redo (besides the fact I thought my arm was going to fall of sanding all those slats 4 times!).  

 She's got lovely details. 

My hydrangeas still make me happy! 

I'm taking the weekend off!  Hope you have a fabulous one! 


  1. Pretty sure I'd have a good night's sleep with this beautiful project!

  2. I can only hope I find a similar one to re-do! Yours looks fabulous.

  3. What a beautiful transformation! I love black furniture when it's distressed like this! Enjoy your weekend off and stay warm :)


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