Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vintage French Provincial Vanity

I see a lot of French Provincial furniture that looks like this, but I don't think I've ever seen a little vanity before.  My client said it belonged to her husband's grandmother, so it's another piece that gets to stay in the family.  You know I love that. 

It was very outdated but an upgrade with black paint, new hardware, and these awesome vintage looking maps fixed that. :)



Before it was a little blah (no offense) but now it has presence!  

 I still get a lot of questions about my finish.  I promise you it doesn't matter if you brush, spray, or roll a good finish comes from sanding!  It's more work, but the results are so worth it!  220 between coats, every coat. 

I like to use script on drawer fronts, but these maps were just something a little different.  I adhered them, sealed them, and then stained over them to darken them up a bit.  I finished with a coat of poly. If you use stain you need to top coat it with something as it can remain tacky if you don't. 


  1. This is a stunning makeover Lisa! Love the map detail on the drawers, definitely one of my favourite of you makeovers!

  2. Another magic makeover!! Wow! :)

  3. LOVE!!!!! Holy cow I just passed out for a minute. LOVE!!!


  4. Love this Lisa - do you mind saying where you got your maps from - I love that idea - looks amazing on the Vanity. Did you purchase a book of maps or something in black and white? Cos you don't see many maps in black and white? Well, not where I come from anyway - although english - I now live between Ireland and Spain. I told you I'd be making a few comments - lol :) PS: I don't know how to make comments without going through my Google Account - otherwise I would put my real name on. Any help would be appreciated :)

    1. The maps are actually scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, and, I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help with your Google acct question. :/
      Btw, comments are always welcome!


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