Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Desk in Gray Matters

I met a very nice couple a few months back.  They were cleaning out a relative's home (always a hard and tedious job) and I ended up with a few great pieces of furniture from them.  Remember I told you about the rule I had for myself (the one where I don't buy it unless I absolutely love it)?  Well, I broke it on this little desk.  I saw it and didn't love it, but it was a solid piece in great condition and the price was very right.  I just couldn't say no to it. 

And, I ended up loving it when it was done so, technically, I didn't break my rule at all! :)


It's pretty run of the mill.  I had to buy it just to rip the hardware off, lol.  It is solid wood with dovetail drawers. 

**You'll have to excuse me a moment.  I'm listening to my neighbor bellow at his dogs.  This happens regularly and it cracks me up.  Obviously, the dogs don't have any idea what he's hollering about and if they do they absolutely don't care. :)


I chose Gray Matters from SW.  It's a medium, true gray.  Very neutral and I think it's suitable for any age, any gender. 

  I've had these library pulls hanging around for a while and I thought they fit this piece very well.

So cute! :)

I changed out the knobs on the middle drawer.  I decided to leave it wood because I had to paint the top.  It's so hard for me to paint a piece of furniture all one color.  I'm not sure why.  I just like the contrast of something natural or organic against the paint. 

 Pretty simple redo but I really like how it turned out. 


  1. love it, i remember my brother had one of these when we were growing up. i love the pulls and that you left the 2 center drawers wood, i would love to feature it on my next revival monday if that would be ok just let me know,

  2. just lovely! I have those library pulls in my stash also (or similar). still looking for a suitable candidate for them.

  3. Very Pretty. The chnge on the handles makes a world of difference.

  4. Great job!! I know just what you mean about painting the top. I love a little wood with my paint! :)

  5. Pinned, love it, blah blah blah...... (yeah I'm out of words to tell you your stuff is always fantastic).

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