Saturday, May 11, 2013

Antique Buffet

I had posted another buffet I did on my local FB classifieds page and had a response from a man asking me if I had something similar he could use in his "mancave".  Haha--I don't think I've done "mancave" yet!  He wanted something large to display his sports memorabilia on. 

Well, you don't find very many antique buffets this large very often, but fate was smiling down on me. :)  It didn't have too many details, so  I didn't think it looked too girly and I thought by changing out the hardware I could really update it.  


I actually took the veneer off the top strip and the bottom piece as it was chipped and peeling and the detail looked like it had been chewed on by something.  I also sanded the top down and stained it in an Early American/Red Mahogany mix (by Minwax).


Love how putting new knobs and cup pulls on really changes the feel of the piece.

I think it's pretty sleek looking now and I hope he likes it!


  1. Lisa, you are amazing with all your gorgeous make-over! I get so excited when I see that you posted! You are such an inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

    1. You're so sweet Gail! Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)

  2. Looks like it was a lot of work to make it look that nice.

  3. This is great for a "mancave"!
    I, as a woman, would love to own this piece too!

  4. You did such a fantastic job on that buffet, it's gorgeous. The black makes it look so sophisticated and keeping the wood look on the top, oh dear.
    If it's a sin to be envious then I'm in deep poopoo. I love your buffet so much, I've wanted one but they just aren't in this part of the country to buy (we live west of Grand Junction, CO almost to UT border). And if I can find one people want a whole bunch of money, more than I have. I found one at a flea market in G.J. but the owner wanted $700 for it. Uh not in my non-budget. SS can only stretch so far, lol.
    Happy Mother's Day if you're a Mom.

  5. What's not to like, it turned out beautiful!



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